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Adventures of Captain Pump Jasson Finney


Jasson Finney



George is the janitor of a school just like yours. He wishes he could find a way to help the kids get fit and understand the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. But unfortunately, he just doesn’t know how. Until one day, a tiny fitness dynamo pops out of a magic comic book and changes janitor George’s life forever. This is CAPTAIN PUMP – The World’s First Fitness Super Hero. The Adventures of Captain Pump is a children’s book series that takes the reader into a land of healthy and well being. The story takes place here in the REAL WORLD but the lessons are learned in a magical land where healthy living and social acceptance and respect for all people are the ways of life; PUMPLAND.Of course there is always someone or something threatening the healthy ways of Pumpland. Villains from far and wide keep the Captain on his toes as he diligently keeps the citizens of Pumpland and his friend in the real world safe.

Acerca de Jasson Finney

Jasson Finney has worked many years in the fitness and entertainment industries. His performing experience began in his teens as a drummer in several touring rock bands. Today Jasson is a working actor and stuntman in both film and TV. After graduating from University in kinesiology he dedicated many years to helping people attain their fitness and health goals. A seasoned fitness and lifestyle professional, Jasson has helped hundreds of people regain their health and fitness prowess. Over the years, Jasson has gained invaluable experience in creating, promoting, and delivering professional “winning attitude” team building, fitness and lifestyle programs and seminars through his original programs that he included in the adventures of Captain Pump. “Business Athlete” and “Hockey Athlete” target those wishing to live a healthy life, improve performance and boost confidence by applying athletic concepts to their daily lives. A regular fitness expert for CBS, Jasson is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. His mission is to help, teach and guide people to a healthy lifestyle as well as entertain and create in film and TV.

Datos del libro
Red Hen Press 2018
ISBN: 9781939096074
Idioma: Español
Formatos: pdf epub kindle mobi

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