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A companion novel to Angels of Mercy – Volume Two: Marco, as told by his boyfriend, Elliot Donahey.The climb out of the homophobic beat-down that Elliot endured at the hands of Marco’s teammates is only the beginning. In Angels of Mercy – Phoenix In The Fire, Elliot has a choice to make: withdraw further into himself and risk losing the one person who loves him unconditionally, or find a way to rise above it and become stronger. Which one will he choose? For Elliot the choice is clear. He must choose to rise because Marco means everything to him. But as the boys find their way out of their nightmarish situation other things begin to plague them. Deceit, familial intrigue and secrets begin to eke into the boys lives as they try to just keep moving forward. To remedy this Marco provides a haven for Elliot that will keep him protected, walled off from any harm. But is this the answer the boys seek? Elliot isn’t so sure, and even Marco begins to have his doubts. Marco throws every ounce of his immense resources at the problem, but as Elliot tells him, “Money can’t solve what’s troubling us.” To add to the boy’s woes, Marco’s meddlesome brother is threading his way into their relationship in the most inappropriate ways. Everything is not what it seems. Marco and Elliot are just trying to find their way out and remain together. The investigation back home isn’t making things any better as the authorities are closing in on who attacked Elliot. Everything bubbles up to the breaking point for them all. Will Marco and Elliot’s love for one another be strong enough to see them through?

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SA Collins 2017
ISBN: 9788827516942
Idioma: Español
Formatos: pdf epub kindle mobi

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