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Robert Corfe



Anti-Americanism has now become an imperative for the sanity and stability of the world. Over the past 30 years almost every foreign adventure of the US has led to failure in compounding existing problems, and after the withdrawal of her forces, conditions have been left worse than when she intervened. Added to that is the resistance of her government to recognise the reality of global warming, and most recently, blundering policies have instigated a series of unexpected terrorist outrages on innocent victims which have made the world a more dangerous place.There are many justifications for anti-Americanism, but there is one which rises about all others: viz., a financial-industrial system which clashes with the long traditions of the social democracies in Europe and the Far East. Two incompatible capitalist systems have emerged amongst the advanced industrial economies in the post-War period: the Rentier capitalism of the US, and the Productive capitalism of Europe and the Far East. Each is guided by its own ideology, the Neo-liberalism of America versus the social democracy (a broad term transcending party politics) of Europe and the Far East Tiger economies.With America emerging as the clear victor of the Cold War in 1989, her government and corporations have been sufficiently confident to impose their financial-industrial system on the rest of the world, and this is proving disastrous to the social democratic consensus and welfare polices built up since 1945 and before. The argument is propagated that the European is no longer viable, and must therefore surrender to the American way and globalisation, but this is shown to be a fiction invented by US policy makers.There is an in-depth analysis of American culture which explains its political system, and the US is revealed to be very far from a true democracy. It is in Europe and elsewhere where the ideals of democracy, justice and equity are best promoted. The final chapters home-in on a European resolution to the most difficult problems of our time, viz., the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; and how to de-fuse the causes of Terror. The book is an appeal for the cause of civilisation, social justice and equity for all humanity.

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Arena Books 2006
ISBN: 9781906791865
Idioma: Español
Formatos: pdf epub kindle mobi

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