Where Does Valentine’s Day Come From? | Children’s Holidays & Celebrations Books por Baby Professor

descargar Where Does Valentine’s Day Come From? | Children’s Holidays & Celebrations Books en PDF AUTOR/AUTORA: Baby Professor Descripción Sinopsis Who says you have to stick with the usual fairy tales when telling bedtime stories? With picture books, bedtime stories can become much more educational. Use facts and bits of history to influence your child’s … Read more

Talking Teenagers por Ann Boushéy

descargar Talking Teenagers en PDF AUTOR/AUTORA: Ann Boushéy Descripción Sinopsis Ann Boushéy’s teenage son Jon was diagnosed with high-functioning autism in kindergarten. Having mastered the day-to-day challenges that parenting a young child with autism or Asperger’s Syndrome pose, Talking Teenagers considers questions surrounding parenting across the spectrum during the teenage years.Written out of her own … Read more

Child’s Journey to Recovery por Terry Philpot

descargar Child’s Journey to Recovery en PDF AUTOR/AUTORA: Terry Philpot Descripción Sinopsis This book shows how carefully planned and assessed treatment can help traumatized children. It outlines how to set up a process for measuring a child’s progress towards recovery. Uniquely, the book describes a practical outcomes-based approach that can be provided by an integrated … Read more

Different Like Me por Jennifer Elder

descargar Different Like Me en PDF AUTOR/AUTORA: Jennifer Elder Descripción Sinopsis Different Like Me introduces children aged 8 to 12 years to famous, inspirational figures from the world of science, art, math, literature, philosophy and comedy.Eight-year-old Quinn, a young boy with Asperger’s Syndrome, tells young readers about the achievements and characteristics of his autism heroes, … Read more

Understanding Nonverbal Learning Disabilities por Maggie Mamen

descargar Understanding Nonverbal Learning Disabilities en PDF AUTOR/AUTORA: Maggie Mamen Descripción Sinopsis This easy-to-read guide offers a complete overview of Nonverbal Learning Disabilities (NLDs) and the wide variety of symptoms that different types of NLD present.Maggie Mamen enables readers to select the most relevant strategies for coping with and managing their particular symptoms. She provides … Read more

Parenting Across the Autism Spectrum por Ann Palmer

descargar Parenting Across the Autism Spectrum en PDF AUTOR/AUTORA: Ann Palmer Descripción Sinopsis Maureen F. Morrell and Ann Palmer are raising two very different children: Justin, a whirlwind of activity and mood swings, who is supervised in a residential farm community, and Eric, quiet and passive, who lives independently at college. The authors give an … Read more

Sensory Stimulation por Susan Fowler

descargar Sensory Stimulation en PDF AUTOR/AUTORA: Susan Fowler Descripción Sinopsis We learn about the world constantly through our senses and by interacting with it. Children explore and play in different environments and in doing so they find out what burns them or hurts them, what can be eaten, which things smell nice and what different … Read more

Dinosaur Facts for Kids – Animal Book for Kids | Children’s Animal Books por Baby Professor

descargar Dinosaur Facts for Kids – Animal Book for Kids | Children’s Animal Books en PDF AUTOR/AUTORA: Baby Professor Descripción Sinopsis Growl! There go the big, fierce and strong prehistoric animals! You have to thank our scientists for revealing to the world the dinosaurs that once walked the Earth. Learning can be made fun and … Read more

Nueve y Diez… por Griselda María Rulfo

descargar Nueve y Diez… en PDF AUTOR/AUTORA: Griselda María Rulfo Descripción Sinopsis Griselda Rulfo, cordobesa por nacimiento y definición, nos presenta en este libro veintitantos relatos breves desde los cuales nos enfrenta con los vericuetos más asombrosos de lo cotidiano. Todo ello matizado con buenas dosis de nostalgia e ironía, atravesando géneros narrativos como la … Read more

Qué lata dan los muertos (Fantasmas vs Populares 2) por Rose Cooper

descargar Qué lata dan los muertos (Fantasmas vs Populares 2) en PDF AUTOR/AUTORA: Rose Cooper Descripción Sinopsis ¿Qué hacer cuando los fantasmas te mandan mensajes de texto a cada rato? ¡Qué ingratos son los muertos! Lo único que quiere Annabel Craven es ser una niña normal. Pero eso es difícil de conseguir cuando los fantasmas … Read more