Art of Bonsai por Yuji Yoshimura

descargar Art of Bonsai en PDF AUTOR/AUTORA: Yuji Yoshimura Descripción Sinopsis Learn the ins and outs of proper bonsai design and care with this comprehensive Japanese gardening book. Japanese bonsai have long been admired throughout the world while their care and preservation have seemed shrouded in mystery. The Art of Bonsai is, however, a comparatively … Read more

Guide de jardinage por Ligaran

descargar Guide de jardinage en PDF AUTOR/AUTORA: Ligaran Descripción Sinopsis Extrait : “Nous avons voulu faire un livre simple. Ce n’était pas une raison pour ne pas chercher à le rendre instructif. Cependant afin de le mettre à la portée de tous, il en fallait limiter la dimension et par suite choisir ce qui pourrait … Read more

Stylish Succulents por Yoshinobu Kondo

descargar Stylish Succulents en PDF AUTOR/AUTORA: Yoshinobu Kondo Descripción Sinopsis Make inexpensive projects with a Japanese aesthetic—whether you’re an interior designer, avid gardener, small space enthusiast or gardening beginner! Colorful and hardy succulent plants are perfect for creating Japanese-style Bonsai and Ikebana arrangements. Stylish Succulents presents a totally new approach to container gardening. Trendy, low … Read more

Container Succulents por Kentaro Kuroda

descargar Container Succulents en PDF AUTOR/AUTORA: Kentaro Kuroda Descripción Sinopsis Container Succulents is the perfect book for container gardening beginners who don’t have a lot of space to work with. The beautiful photographs of succulent decor are sure to inspire your inner gardener, interior designer and all-around house plant lover.Learn how to care for and … Read more

Flowering Trees of Florida por Mark Stebbins

descargar Flowering Trees of Florida en PDF AUTOR/AUTORA: Mark Stebbins Descripción Sinopsis If you can’t get enough of majestic trees, brightly colored flowers, and anything that grows from the ground up, you’ll love this guide to 74 outstanding tropical flowering trees that will grow in Florida’s subtropical climate. From the huge canopy of red blossoms … Read more

Miniature Moss Gardens por Megumi Oshima

descargar Miniature Moss Gardens en PDF AUTOR/AUTORA: Megumi Oshima Descripción Sinopsis Miniature Moss Gardens presents expert advice and techniques from the birthplace of miniature gardening—Japan. Friendly enough for total beginners and full of ideas and tips that experienced gardeners will love to read about, this moss gardening book brings you information on the following: Finding … Read more

Greenhouse Gardening For Beginners por Mildred M. Elliott

descargar Greenhouse Gardening For Beginners en PDF AUTOR/AUTORA: Mildred M. Elliott Descripción Sinopsis Do you want to make your own greenhouse but you don’t know how to get started? Worry no more!Did you just purchase a greenhouse and want to start growing your own organic fruits, herbs and veggies? Congratulations! It’s a great choice!If you’re … Read more

Book of Topiary por Charles H. Curtis

descargar Book of Topiary en PDF AUTOR/AUTORA: Charles H. Curtis Descripción Sinopsis Of historical interest to gardening enthusiasts and historians this topiary gardening guide gives practical advice as well as a fascinating account of topiary through the ages.Topiary, the art of trimming hedges, shrubs, and trees into ornamental shapes, is perhaps the most distinct and … Read more

Beginning Bonsai por Shirley Student

descargar Beginning Bonsai en PDF AUTOR/AUTORA: Shirley Student Descripción Sinopsis Learn to grow and care for decorative bonsai trees with this user-friendly Japanese gardening book. For those with no bonsai tree growing experience, Beginning Bonsai: The Gentle Art of Miniature Tree Growing covers everything from buying the first plant for beginning bonsai to creating a … Read more