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Waiting for the Whales por Sheryl McFarlane

descargar Waiting for the Whales en PDF AUTOR/AUTORA: Sheryl McFarlane Descripción Sinopsis Winner of the Governor General’s Literary Award — IllustrationWinner of the CLA Amelia Frances Howard – Gibbon Illustrator’s AwardWinner of the Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver AwardWinner of the IODE Book Award – Toronto ChapterIn this timeless story set on the West Coast, an old man … Read more

Our Awesome God Made the World por Lesley Robbins

descargar Our Awesome God Made the World en PDF AUTOR/AUTORA: Lesley Robbins Descripción Sinopsis Sin reseña Acerca de Lesley Robbins Lesley is married to Mark and they live in New Plymouth, New Zealand. They have seven children (5 girls and 2 boys) who were all home-schooled and are now young adults. Lesley has written quite … Read more

Vingt cœurs por Fanny Joly

descargar Vingt cœurs en PDF AUTOR/AUTORA: Fanny Joly Descripción Sinopsis De l’autre côté de la rivière, Noé espère retrouver Esther, l’amoureuse de ses rêves. Mais chut, c’est un secret. À PROPOS DE L’AUTEURE Née en 1954 dans une famille nombreuse, Fanny Joly commence très tôt à écrire des petits sketchs avec sa sœur Sylvie. Pendant … Read more

Fangless por Elias Zapple

descargar Fangless en PDF AUTOR/AUTORA: Elias Zapple Descripción Sinopsis In a spooky house deep in the mountains of Transylvania lives Nicu, a fangless vampire. Yes, that’s right, fangless! Teased by his friends, taunted by his big brother and almost disowned by his parents, Nicu will do anything he can to get his fangs and beat … Read more

Dem Bones por Bob Barner

descargar Dem Bones en PDF AUTOR/AUTORA: Bob Barner Descripción Sinopsis Shoulder bone connected to da neck bone.Neck bone connected to da head bone.Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Dry Bones Colorful torn paper collages bring to life this classic African American spiritual. The frolicking skeletons will captivate children and adults while they sing along with this … Read more

Liars and Fools por Robin Stevenson

descargar Liars and Fools en PDF AUTOR/AUTORA: Robin Stevenson Descripción Sinopsis Fiona’s life changed forever when her mother died in a South Pacific sailing accident. One year later, everyone tells her it is time to move on. To Fiona, moving on means leaving her mother behind-something she has vowed never to do. But Fiona’s father … Read more

Birthday Girl por Jean Little

descargar Birthday Girl en PDF AUTOR/AUTORA: Jean Little Descripción Sinopsis Nell makes two wishes on her birthday, but the next day they show little sign of coming true. Everyone in her household is busy and wants her out from underfoot and no one is willing to help her find her lost cat. In the end … Read more