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Plums and Plum Culture Frank A. Waugh


Frank A. Waugh



The principal reasons why Downing’s great book Will never be revised are these: First, the list Of varieties known and grown in America is so great that one man cannot have an intimate knowledge Of them all. Second, their local variations and adapta tions are so multitudinous, now that horticulture has spread over the whole expanse Of the continent, that each variety requires a more critical study than before. For these two reasons the various groups of fruits must hereafter be handled by specialists. Third, if all these variety notes could be collected into one work it would require several volumes to contain them. Fourth, fruit growers of to-day demand a more extended discussion Of the matters Of practice than was given by Downing; and this again requires addi tional space and further expert knowledge. Fifth, fruit growing is becoming more and more specialized, SO that the man who grows pears does not care for a treatise on plums nor the plum crank much for a book about pears. Among the specialists in the different lines of pomology no one lot exhibits more ardor, enthusiasm, or esprit de corps than the self-styled plum cranks. Their attitude toward themselves and the rest of the world is rather refreshing and considerably significant. Under the circumstances the publication Of a book on plums could not be long delayed. Plum growing as a Special business is being rapidly extended. Iowa, which a few years ago was outside the plum belt, now estimates her average annual crop at bushels. In other states the increased production is equally remarkable. Plum growing for home consumption has also increased at a wonderful rate. There are still hun dreds of families in every county who do not have plums enough to eat. There probably always will be; but their number is decreasing.

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Forgotten Books 2017
ISBN: 9780243775064
Idioma: Español
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