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The ABC of Marijuana A. C. Daniels


A. C. Daniels



When we are making reference to Marijuana, we shouldn’t forget that growing Marijuana is not just a hobby or killing time, it is in fact, a booming business for others in this line of venture. It goes beyond putting a seed beneath the ground. It goes beyond taking in a few clouds of smoke indoors with your friends. It is a means of survival for others.The moment you realize this notion about the Cannabis plant, the clearer your perception and narrative about the psychoactive herb would be. It is no doubt one of the most effective and multi-purpose plants grown in the universe. It uses and benefits have been felt in both ancient and recent time.Now, let me share the turning point of my life with you. Like everyone else, I was once an average stockbroker who had a thing or two for Marijuana back in the 90s. Due to one or two reasons best known to me, I really hadn’t paid real attention to it. Like you, I had always felt Marijuana is only meant to be smoked and forgotten.I guess I was wrong when I came across Marcus, my very good friend. He had been a small-time Cannabis indoor grower who was always looking over his head due to the criminal law levied against the psychoactive herb. He had explained the economics and numbers behind the Cannabis plant.He made sure he explained everything to me in details; the stereotypes, the massive benefits, and the good side of the plant. As a small-time stockbroker, I knew I had hit jackpot. With my little knowledge of economics, I knew investing in this line of business would bring back good returns.Coupled with the fact that many other states in the country had been removing the ban placed on Marijuana, my urge to throw money at this venture increased and at the end produced more than enough returns that changed my life for the better.This book would serve as an eye-opener and a well-detailed guide towards enlightening you on the economic, medicinal, and environmental benefit of the Cannabis plant. Not everyone knows the importance of this psychoactive herb to mankind. Nevertheless, I will put you through every detail and step.Mind you, the end result and goal of this book is not to force or cajole you into believing what you don’t wish to believe about the plant. But instead, it is to prepare your mind and make you see the Cannabis plant in a whole new dimension, thereby changing the narrative and stereotype you are stuck with.In the end, you will come to realize and accept the fact that growing weed is one of the most lucrative and booming business one can invest in. Allow this book to take you into a whole new experience with the new face of medical Marijuana. You will be shocked at how developed and advanced medicine had reached, especially with Marijuana being the centerpiece of that achievement.With that, I welcome you to my world of Marijuana. Relax, take a deep breath, and learn from my experience!

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TheSmilingTomorrow 2020
ISBN: 9788835860327
Idioma: Español
Formatos: pdf epub kindle mobi

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